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I/we hereby grant permission to The Baby Photographer by Shrutti Garg to make use of any portion of the photographs taken of me/us (the “Photographs”) for The Front Steps Project from which Photograph(s) may be selected for publication in The Front Steps Project book (“Book”) national and local which may include but is not limited to: displaying the Photographs on or in the Book, marketing materials for the Book, websites, social media, and printed marketing materials, without any compensation or recognition given to me. I/we acknowledge that granting permission to use the Photographs are in consideration of Photographer providing me/us with the opportunity to participate in the Project photo shoot and a discount of suggested retail price for purchasing the Book. I/we agree that Photographer shall have no obligation to use my/our Photographs. Furthermore, I/we grant permission to Photographer to edit the Photographs and provide the Photographs to West Margin Press (“Publisher”) for the Book. I/we release, waive, and agree not to submit at any time now or in the future, any claims and demands against Photographer or Publisher or against anyone associated with the Project photoshoots, arising from or in connection with Photographer’s use of the Project Photographers. 


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